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My Approach

I am a true believer that in order to get to the real inner person, artist, we need to get to their hearts so what I do aims at getting to the core, meaning that on the way the "clutter" or "extra luggage" or "barriers" need to be removed so we can move forward and thrive. Coaching looks into the future, psychology looks into the past as it takes into consideration emotions, I find it essential to have a mix of both in order to go forward (coach). 

As the quote I listed on the home page states:


"Be willing to let go of who you think you should be in order to be who you are." Brene Brown. 


We all develop patterns over our lifetimes and these play out time and time again, until we learn to break the pattern and do something different. To do something empowering, authentic and most importantly something you want to be doing, instead of something you feel you have to be doing.

For the artist and creative coaching, mentoring also takes a role as part of the artist development programme. 

I approach art or music making as a creative outlet, I think of myself as something akin to a guide, and my methods are closer to hands-on, with less of the professional development tactics that some coaches employ. I’m very much interested in the creative process, and each person’s personal expression of creating art from a place of truth, from here I believe a career is an inevitable consequence. 


All areas: personal, artistic and creative coaching I utilise cognitive-behavioural techniques, it helps the individual / artists move beyond self-destructive thoughts to more effective and positive ones. 

For more details on these please check Areas of Expertise

My Approach
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