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"Be willing to let go of who you think you should be, in order to be who you are" - Brené Brown

Isis Salvaterra

BA Combined Psychology, Sociology & Politics 
MA Ethnomusicology 
Certified CBT Cognitive Behaviour Life Coach 

Isis Salvaterra was born in Brazil to a family of Italian origins. She moved to London at a young age and is now based in the city for over two decades. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (Combined: Psychology, Sociology and Third World Politics & Development) at the University of Westminster. In 2017, she started a MA in Ethnomusicology at City University in London topped by Project Management & Coaching Training courses. 

During her University Degree Isis volunteered in an organisation whose mission is to reach out and provide tools to empower Latin American women in the UK to pursue personal and social change, to be free from all forms of discrimination and violence, lead empowered and fulfilled lives, enjoy their human rights to the full and become central actors in achieving social change. (LAWRS.ORG). Following graduating she started a career as a civil servant, working in social and environmental services to the population in London for a few years but due to high demand in the music industry together with her passion she decided to dedicate all her time to music. 

Isis' trajectory in music is one of many facets. She created a community around a platform called Toi Toi Musik, now it has global reach. This includes events, an artist booking & management agency and a record label. It been running for 10 years.  


Her entire experience and education followed side by side throughout her journey and this is very apparent in her efforts in projects on a macro and micro scale. On a macro level, she combined charity work and music events & management by for instance project managing 'Red Dot Relief' to help victims of the Tsunami in Japan as well as 'Dance for Humanity' helping the refugee crisis in Greece to name a few. On a micro level she coaches, mentors and empowers artists as well as a younger generation in need of guidance and clarity.   

Powered with the knowledge and experience from Psychology, Sociology and Politics at a degree level, Ethnomusicology at MA level and further qualifications in CBT Coaching, Isis Salvaterra has developed a unique coaching model specific to the niche and music community she has now been part of for 20 years. The model makes use of cognitive behavioural techniques for coaching to personal, professional and artistic development. For more details of the approach please click HERE


What makes Isis an unique coach is her life, professional and spiritual experiences in social, psychological and cultural realms. She has been doing personal & artist coaching for the past 10 years having built artist careers in the Toi.Toi.Agency and beyond in the electronic music industry as well as people from all ages and various backgrounds through Life Coaching. The result is the combination of a recovering rescuer, a true humanist, a dreamer as well as a pragmatic and logical realist, an assertive, free and open minded individual. Someone whose ability to help others seems to be an inherent talent acquired at birth mastered by her level of education, qualifications and a life lived with changes being the constant.


Life Coaching | Artist & Creative Coaching

The decision to see a coach is a very personal one. People realise that coaching can involve looking closely at yourself, as well as those around you. For some people, this can be very difficult at first, but the rewards are immeasurable. Having someone to work with you in this process is an invaluable asset. 

During the first hour, we usually take time to make a short update of your situation: we define clearly what you have achieved so far, what challenges you encounter and what your goals are. 

According to that we establish a first strategic draft to move forward will be made. Any step we take is based on your personal needs, strengths and challenges.

Through an action oriented approach, I accompany you towards your goal with training and practice.


Contact Me

An effective coach for one person may not be a good match for another; personal chemistry is important and this is why it is important to book a half hour discovery session first. This aims at making sure coaching is for you and that you feel comfortable enough with me to develop the deep trust so necessary for transformation coaching.

My free discovery session allows you to spend time asking any questions and addressing your concerns.

If you would like to book it please get in touch via form below or feel free to text or call. 


Sessions can be done in person or online in English, Portuguese or Spanish. 

Tel: +44 (0) 7960611905

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